First Street Yoga - Yoga teaches us to live in the moment.

Welcome to First Street Yoga, Newberg's Yoga Center.

First Street Yoga offers yoga classes and workshops for students of all levels. We explore the philosophy of yoga as we teach the physical postures to bring awareness, understanding and enjoyment to students in class as well as in their personal practice.

Yoga is a practice of balance – effort and relaxation, action and introspection, discipline and surrender. The skills we learn in practice help us face the challenges of our lives with a strong and healthy body, a calm and reasonable mind, and an open heart.

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are often felt soon after beginning and may include reduction in chronic pain, increased digestive and respiratory functions, and increased energy. The physical and emotional skills we develop in our yoga practice carry forward into our lives, reducing fatigue, countering stress, increasing ease of movement and enhancing performance in our favorite sports.

Join us for a class, workshop or free introduction. The First Street Yoga center is located in Newberg, Oregon - just minutes from Sherwood, Tualatin, Beaverton, Tigard and Wilsonville.