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want to change your body?

Change your mind.

My mother is considering another dalliance with the cabbage soup diet. She does this periodically. She says she doesn’t mind the soup and she always loses a fair amount of weight. After a couple months, the weight comes back, usually with a little bit extra. This fact never enters into her diet considerations. It should. Weight gain after a diet is as common as weight loss during the diet. What we know, scientifically, about diets can be summed up in three words: They Don’t Work. None of them. Most everyone gains the weight back. While a few individuals are successful in maintaining weight loss, they are the exceptions and there is no evidence that dieting was an aid in their success.

The good news is there is a proven method for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Better still, it doesn’t involve a lot of self-denial or austerity. You never have to count a calorie. This method has many side effects besides healthy weight: improved mood, increased immunity to disease, and greater physical comfort continue reading »