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note on satya (truthfulness)

A teacher read the below quote to a class I was in about a year ago.  It is from the book Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit, A Return to Wholeness by Donna Farhi. Recently I reread the passage and had an “aha” moment… about yoga’s ability to act as an internal compass in finding our own personal truth.  It can point us in the right direction and keep us on track.

Probably the hardest form of this practice [commitment to satya] is being true to our own heart and inner destiny. Confusion and mistrust of our inner values can make it difficult to know the nature of our heart’s desire, but even when we become clear enough to recognize what truth means for us, we may lack the courage and conviction to live our truth. Following what we know to be essential for our growth may mean leaving unhealthy relationships or jobs and taking risks that jeopardize our own comfortable position. It may mean making choices that are not supported by consensual reality or ratified by the outer culture. The truth is rarely convenient. One way we can know we are living the truth is that while our choices may not be easy, at the end of the day we feel at peace with ourselves.