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Book Review: “Back Care Basics”

Back Care Basics – A Doctor’s Gentle Yoga Program For Back and Neck Pain Relief

Author: Mary Pullig Schatz, MD

Back Care Basics

Back Care Basics

As the title suggests, this book is geared toward those with injuries, but I think this may be too limiting. I found it extremely helpful and think it would benefit many students, including those looking for a gentle home practice or sequences to help relax and de-stress. It will also assist a student interested in learning more about the anatomy of the spine and how we are put together structurally.

I think this book takes the topic of relaxation to a new level. The variety of restorative poses and the pictures showing different ways the props could be used offer diverse practices tailored to fit each person’s body. It is precise (with an entire section devoted to the rolling of the towels correctly), and it is nice to see that many of the props are everyday home items like chairs and towels.

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