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the dedicated yogi: home practice

The postures of yoga, called asana, are a language we use to communicate between our feeling, reacting body and our thinking, planning minds. The different asanas are like the vocabulary in this language. The order in which we place the asanas  is the grammar. This grammar is the art of sequencing.  Asanas can be sequenced differently to achieve different results. We come to class to learn the vocabulary of asana and to become familiar with basic sequencing. But just as we are not fluent in a language until we can go out and use it to communicate unique ideas, we are not fluent in yoga asana until we know how to use it creatively to address specific personal needs.

The evidence is clear: attending a yoga class once or twice a week is beneficial for mind and body. But there is a great deal more to be gained from taking what is learned at class and bringing it out of the classroom. Only then can our continue reading »