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free class saturday august 9 10am to noon




using yoga to manage change

Chehalem Cultural Center

August 9 10am to noon


We’ll begin with a brief talk about how classical yoga is used to change both mind and body, then we’ll share a practice.   Please bring a blanket and a belt or strap.

Classes will begin in our new home at 215 N Main in mid-September. I’m getting the schedule lined up now. Let me know your requests!

215 n main through the ages

Deanna forwarded this link about the history of our new home. Main Street used to be the commercial street of Newberg, around the turn of the century. At that time, our spot housed a livery stable. Horses, carpenters, door making, now yoga. That’s a pleasant random list! So, for you history buffs…

I posted this on Facebook. Those of you who don’t do social media can still visit our facebook page. You don’t have to identify yourself or become our social-media friend; you can just read the posts. Get there by clicking on the icon from the website’s homepage.

help wanted

Construction will get in full swing on Monday, and I am busy planning for fall classes. I need some help!

Two things:

Communication and organization. Do you have social media skills? Graphic arts or marketing skills? Love entertaining and organizing others? Please let me know if you are interested in helping with any of that. This is my biggest responsibility other than teaching. If I could pass some of these chores along, I would teach more classes. Maybe we could form a committee?

Great teachers. We need more teachers. I will contact the Portland metro Iyengar Centers, but there may be teachers from other backgrounds who would work well in our community. Please ask around for me. I’ve reprinted the qualifications below, and I am happy to work with strong candidates to help them meet these qualifications. Please encourage anyone who is interested to contact me.

Ideas. Don’t hesitate to let me know your good ideas – for classes or workshops, advertising, facilities, whatever comes to mind. Working together, we can create the best yoga center around. That’s a fun project!


qualifications for teaching at first street yoga

 Dedication to Study and Practice

All teachers at First Street Yoga are on-going students of alignment based yoga who maintain a regular home practice. They demonstrate their commitment through continuing advanced studies with senior teachers. First Street teachers may come from different backgrounds, but we share the following minimum qualifications:


  • demonstrated mastery of basic asanas, including stability in sirsasana (head balance) for at least 5 minutes and sarvangasana and halasana (shoulderstand and plow) for at least 10 minutes;
  • familiarity with basic anatomy and physiology with understanding of how to modify the yoga practice to accommodate common problems, such as osteoarthritis or high blood pressure;
  • familiarity with Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, including ability to recite the first 3 sutras, as well as familiarity with the eight limbs of yoga and the acts of yoga.

Professional and Peer Support

Teachers at First Street Yoga meet together regularly to practice and talk. We share information gained independently at workshops and brainstorm ways to teach our students more effectively. We enjoy attending one another’s classes when we’re able. Working together, teachers at First Street can draw from a deep pool of experience.

Teachers at First Street maintain relationships with their teachers. Despite the proliferation of teacher training programs, apprenticeship is still the best way to learn the art and science of yoga. We’ve all taken extensive teacher training courses, but in addition, each of us maintains an on-going learning relationship with our long-term teachers. This web of professional relations helps us find answers when we’re confused and develop new strategies if we feel stuck.

Unwavering Commitment to the Ideals of Classical Yoga

 Our mission is to share the knowledge of classical yoga so that our students can pursue their goals with greater physical comfort, mental clarity, and joy. We will work with committed students to make their education affordable, and if we feel a student would be better served by another teacher or practice, we will not hesitate to point them in that direction. Financial profit is always a secondary goal.

come see our new home

Let’s get together!

If you are free, drop by the new building at 215 N. Main on Saturday, June 7 at 10am. I won’t be able to serve you brunch – we won’t even have chairs or electricity. But I can show you the space and share the plans with you.  I’d love to hear any ideas you may have for making this the best yoga space around. We’ll talk a little about our options for the future.

I hope to see you soon!


Welcome Noelle!


Alison and Todd welcomed their daughter last month. I apologize for being so tardy in letting you know. Everyone is well. And so beautiful!

Noelle La’akea Haruko Jackson

Born April 22, 2014

6lbs 11 ounces

By the way, I won the baby pool! I was going to offer a free class to the winner, but now I think I may make you guys teach me….I’ll think of something.