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classes begin November 3

We’ve hit some problems and although we will probably be able to use the space sooner, I’m scheduling regular classes to begin in November.

So much of this process is outside of my control. Waiting until November allows us to be methodical and predictable as we begin classes. I’m very sorry for the delay.


This is how we started

This is how we started

The little building we will be moving into was built in the early 1950s as a meeting hall for the carpenter’s union. Since then, it has been falling apart. We’ve shored the foundation, reroofed and reinsulated. We’ve repaired lots of dry rot and replaced all the plumbing and electrical. When we are done (soon!) it will be a solid citizen again.

What will it have site link?

Great ventilation! Ductless heat pump and opening windows for cross ventilation. (Ventilation is a stubborn problem for many yoga spaces.)

Beautiful open room, with no obstructions and old oak floors.

Light from windows and skylights.

No source of odors!

Sufficient ropes for the whole class and all the props you could want.

Great storage and changing areas.

Fully accessible – parking, bathroom, storage for scooters/wheelchairs.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this frustrating time!

our opening is delayed

We won’t be able to start classes September 22 as I planned. I’m still trying to pin down a firm start date, and I think I can make an announcement tomorrow or Friday. But you’ll be on your own next week (as will I). I’m very sorry. I wish it weren’t so.

classes are scheduled for fall

union2Our new home on Main Street is taking shape! Go check it out, but don’t slow down the workers; we need every single minute. I hope to offer a week of free classes starting Sept. 15, but that will depend upon our progress. It will be a wonderful home for us, and I am so eager to begin practicing there.

As always, brand new students are welcome in L1, but in addition to these regular classes, Robert and I will team-teach 2 six-week introductory sessions. The intro series are designed to teach the basics safely and to give new beginners confidence. We will structure the learning around a single sequence so students finish with knowledge of a basic practice to do at home.  If you know people who might benefit, please let them know. I rely on your referrals.

I’ll teach a new seniors class on Wednesdays, in conjunction with the Newberg Senior’s Center. Coming soon, I hope to add an adaptive class for people with multiple sclerosis and other problems that may limit strength and/or balance.

You can sign up for classes now if you like. Just send in your name, contact info, class info, and a $25 deposit. I look forward to seeing you soon!

our guru dies

BKS Iyengar died yesterday after a brief hospitalization. He would have been 96 this December. I never met him, but learned through his students. His struggle for health and the practice he developed have been a gift to all of us, a living gift we must now nurture and carry forward for the people who will follow us. I’m filled with gratitude and humility.
Here’s link to the news story.


downward dog — human’s best friend

Students often say they have trouble practicing because they aren’t sure what they should do. This great blog makes it very clear that what you do is not as important as how you do it. Here is one pose, many different ways. Become a connoisseur of adho mukha svanasana!

Alison posted this link on facebook, but I wanted to make it available to those of you who don’t use facebook.