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first street yoga to close

I feel both sorrow and excitement in announcing my retirement from yoga teaching and the closing of First Street Yoga. Soon. At the end of this year.

I would love to continue. After more than 20 years of teaching yoga, from 2-13 classes a week, I still join you with joy and optimism every time. You challenge me and make me laugh and think and rethink. You have shared the triumphs and tragedies of your lives with me, and I have been immeasurably enriched by our experiences together.

Now I’m called in new directions. Throughout the recent changes in my situation, I’ve tried various ways to minimize responsibilities so that I could continue teaching. Now I see it is not possible. No one gets to have it all, do it all. Life is finite; we have to choose.

I will do everything I can to find another yoga business to move in to our wonderful space. Please spread the word. Working together, I’m hopeful we can find a yoga program that will offer you more classes and opportunities than I’ve ever managed.

After more than 25 years, my commitment to my personal practice only grows.  It informs all aspects of my life, and I give thanks every day for the wonderful luck of encountering the art and science of classical yoga. Whatever happens, I hope you maintain your practice.

You know it; I love you all, and I will miss you terribly.


PS I’ll give refunds for unusable classes.

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  • Jennifer Parenteau said:

    Oh my goodness…….blessings on this next step Jane!
    FYI – Dr Croy determined in July 2016 I am looking at a knee replacement.
    Translation; I have been careful with it and not returned to yoga.
    In the meantime, Roland had triple by-pass surgery the end of Sept.
    He is healing and regaining strength.

    • fsy said:

      Oh my goodness right back at you! Thank you for your kind thoughts. I hope you and Roland are soon back up to speed. I will look for you two at the Coffee Cottage in your bicycle and riding clothes!

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