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which teacher?

Do you know we have some of the best trained teachers around? We’ve all had extensive schooling, but no class can substitute for long-term, regular practice and study. All of us– Robert, Claudia, and I — have been practicing yoga for decades.

A long-term individual practice means each teacher has developed a unique understanding. We share a base of knowledge from similar trainings, but from there each teacher brings a different view. Wise students benefit from this diversity.

Finding and keeping good teachers has been the single biggest obstacle to expanding our schedule. This is why I, Jane, am so pleased to have Robert and Claudia. This is why you might want to fill their classes:

Robert: If you think you are too inflexible to study yoga, Robert is here to teach you otherwise. He comes with the strong and sinewy muscles common to many men. I was one of his teachers early on, when he could hardly bend over. Even then, I suspected he would go far in his practice because his ability to quiet down and concentrate was always so apparent. Robert’s long-term meditation practice is obvious in how he works with his own body — quietly, calmly, and with gentle persistence. He brings the same care and skill to his students. Join him Thursday 3:30, Thursdays 5:30 (beginning classes), and Saturday 9 (L1-2).

Claudia: I haven’t known Claudia long; she just moved to the area to be near her grandchildren. What I know so far is she is always off on some new adventure – music, paddling, exploring. Active and energetic, she comes to us with a strong personal practice (great Iyengar teachers) and twelve years of teaching experience in Helena. I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with her and I know she will be a great fit for our center – mature, experienced, and adventurous. Join Claudia on Mondays at 5:30 (L1).


Currently, we have space in all our classes. As they begin to fill, we can think about offering more times.

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