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what’s in a name?

First Street Yoga, formerly off Second Street, currently operating at 16065 SW Railroad Street, will soon open its doors at 215 N. Main (we hope)!

Our variance application is in process. If we are approved, we can begin construction February 14. We need the variance for your cars; the property does not (and cannot) have as much parking as current zoning requires. I want to take this opportunity to remind you: other things being equal, walking is always better than driving. Driving and then walking a little is better than driving to the door. Driving and walking a lot is better still. We all know this, but it is easy to forget. Convenience seems like such a reasonable goal, we lose track of how frequently it leads us astray. I’ve been assuring the neighbors, as yoga students, we will always strive to focus more on consideration for others than on convenience for self.

After all, there is nothing convenient about a regular yoga practice. Yoga requires tapas, or ardent effort, otherwise, change is liable to be a slide toward dissolution. The wise yoga student welcomes effort because effort makes us strong.  This whole parking thing has made me look at the conveniences of my life with new eyes. How do they serve me? And how do they undermine me?

How do your conveniences serve you?

Keep your fingers crossed (and put in a good word with the neighbors on Main Street). If all goes according to plan, we will build one of the best yoga centers in the northwest. In the meantime, we’re still practicing and learning in old-town Sherwood (16065 SW Railroad). We have space in all the classes and welcome new students!

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