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movement is your best friend

A recent study indicates that exercise might be as good as pharmaceuticals for some diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Here’s the link:

Consider the difference in cost: Yoga, $12/week; pharmaceuticals ?!?/week.

We have to say might, because the issue has been studied so little, we don’t have that much information yet. But as we move toward an era (we can hope) when health care will no longer be a fat profit center for investors, researchers will begin to study prevention instead of simply studying expensive cures. However, all of us are old enough that we better not wait for them. Even without further study, I can say confidently: maximize exercise and minimize drugs to maintain your health and quality of life.

Of course, you don’t have to do yoga. You can dance, run, skip, jump, swim, ski, play soccer or tennis, or just walk, every day. Now’s the time.


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