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news about the fire and what comes next

As most of you know, we had a bad fire in the building last week. The smoke is clearing and I am beginning to learn more about what lies ahead.  There is structural damage in the back of the building and a lot of bad smoke damage. The insurance companies are beginning the process of cleaning and repair, but it will take awhile, at least several months.


Here’s the good news: we will end up with a clean and fresh building, free from all smoke odor. While we have the building torn up, we will consider other improvements, such as better ventilation and rope walls. The bad news is that won’t be for awhile. I will look into the possibility of holding classes elsewhere while the building is repaired.


This is a sad and difficult time for us and for Critter Cabana, but I have to say I couldn’t have imagined a more generous response from the community. Thank you all for your concern and offers of help. Your kindness buoyed us through those hard first days. As I consider how best to carry our little school forward into the future, I welcome any ideas or suggestions. I’ll keep you updated on our progress here on the Community Page and on Facebook.


Tonight is the longest night, as solstice is around 3am Friday morning. At this time of year, we celebrate the return of the light and the regeneration that brings.  Life can’t all be birth and celebration. We must have our times of loss and letting go. These times prepare us for new growth, as Rumi says, they sweep our houses clean so we can be ready for the next guest.


Thank you and much love to you all and to your families.

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