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angel on your shoulder, devil on your shoulder…..

It’s a familiar cartoon image, the poor character stuck in between. Even the viewer is not quite sure who to root for. Unwanted behavior, from simple laziness to the complexities of full-blown addiction, is often stubbornly resistant to change. And that’s exactly what yoga is for – getting the good angel and the bad angel to befriend one another and work together. Union.

Whether you want to end a bad habit or establish a healthy one, the process is the same. In this four week course on behavior change, students will learn a system of yogic practices to help bring their behavior more into line with their values. Each hour and a half class will include practices to address the needs of all the parts of the self: body, mind, and spirit.

Here’s what you can expect:

Body: Students will learn a simple, well-rounded sequence of exercises (asana) to relax the body and bring it into more healthy alignment. We will work with the same sequence in all four classes.

Mind: We will practice age-old techniques to improve focus and concentration. Brief discussions will help the student get a better understanding of what drives behavior and common pit-falls to change. Talk will be centered around the process; we will not be sharing personal details.

Spirit: Each class will include time for breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation (samyama). This is where the angels meet!

These classes are sequential, with some homework and new skills added each week. Students should plan on attending the whole series. Class will be held Thursday evenings, 5:45-7:15, Sept. 7-Oct. 21.

The physical portion of the class will be quite gentle and is appropriate for brand new beginners and people with some physical limitations. If you have any questions, email or call 503-554-5485. To register, send full payment or a $25 deposit to PO Box 832, Newberg, Or 97132.

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