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turning inward: the final frontier

In sutra II.10, Patanjali tells us that the misunderstandings and sufferings of life will be ended through pratiprasava, a word Mr. Iyengar translates as involution. Prati means in opposition to. The root, prasava, means generation and refers to the blossoming that is characteristic of the natural world (think about how life multiplies to fill all ecological niches, think of the astonishing variety of individuals). Our universe is expanding in many ways.

The spiritual path, then, is one of pruning. The ability to choose to turn away even from good things (more food! more entertainment!) is what makes us human, and our lives begin to take on meaning when we choose restraint in order to pursue some higher ideal.

This Sunday, June 24, Gretchen Newmark will visit to teach a workshop on beginning meditation. We’ll use these three hours to explore methods to turn our energies inward, to involute, or turn away from the fabulous display of the world to begin the process of discovering who we are at our core. If you feel stressed or driven by the circumstances of your life, this workshop is for you. I hope to see you soon.

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