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using yoga to manage osteoarthritis

The osteoarthritis workshop has been moved to Sunday, June 3, 1-4pm. There will be no class on May 27.

The pain of osteoarthritis can make movement difficult and unpleasant, but lack of movement makes the disease worse, from increased joint stiffness and pain to increased weight. Yoga is an ideal tool to reverse this downward spiral. Join us Sunday June 3, 1-4pm to learn how you can begin to be stronger, more flexible and happier about moving.

Whether you suffer dreadfully or only a little, you will learn how to use yoga asana to develop greater movement and comfort. We’ll look at the causes of osteoarthritis and experiment with simple props (chairs, towels, etc.) to learn how to support your joints as you build strength and coordination. The sequences will be modified as appropriate for each individual, so that you can go home with a simple routine that works for you.

Even if you are significantly overweight or have other health issues that affect your ability to move, if you are able to make it up our (somewhat steep) stairway, you will benefit from this workshop. For those who are fit but suffering from arthritis due to injury or inheritance, you will learn more challenging sequences that create a strong and balanced body as they release the joints. Everyone will gain a greater understanding of how to protect your joints in your day to day life, work, and sports.

Everyone is welcome. To save a spot, call or email.  Or simply show up and attend first-come-first-served. The cost is $40. I hope to see you!

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