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schedule changes

The RE class on Thursdays at 4pm will be closed due to lack of interest, effective immediately. Also, the L3 monthly intensives are suspended for the winter session. I’m sorry for those of you who have enjoyed these classes, but we don’t have enough students to support them.

When would you like to see classes offered? Levels, times?

Often, we get requests for special classes such as prenatal yoga. While we have the knowledge and interest in teaching these focused classes, we don’t necessarily have enough students at one time. If you can gather a committed group of at least 5 people willing to agree on a time, we can probably offer a class. Let us know.

Help us develop a schedule that best serves your needs. I’ll post a schedule on the bulletin board at the center where you can indicate classes you’d like offered. Also, feel free to respond to this blog, email us or call.

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