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spring message from jane

Dear Students,

This term, we are trying a new way to charge for classes. While the price of classes remains the same (based on expenses and market standards), you’ll notice that we’ve added a sliding scale range. This will allow committed students to pay based on their personal circumstances. If money is tight, please give yourself a break. If you are comfortable, perhaps you could give more to help support the center.

When we learn in community we benefit from others’ questions and comments and experiences lire. Diverse perspectives broaden our understanding. It seems neither right nor beneficial that money should be a hurdle to joining in this process of learning. Yoga is all about living in the moment and our practice can be an island of peace in a stressful week. But Yoga is especially an investment in our future, helping us age with grace, strength and joy. At First Street Yoga, we’re committed to doing all we can to offer this invaluable tool to anyone who is sincerely interested. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.


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  • Donna Page said:

    sliding scale is wonderful! It has allowed me to contiue in yoga during some very difficult times. Thank you.

  • Virginia said:

    Do you offer plus size classes, I want to start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle, I have diabetes, high blood pressure and am obese.
    I went from very healthy to very poor health over a period of 10,years after a breast cancer diagnosis. I was hoping to start but I feel I would be uncomfortable in a class filled with fit people.

    • fsy said:

      Our beginning classes have all different shapes and ages, so you wouldn’t feel out of place. You might be most comfortable coming with a friend; you can make your journey together.

  • Jo Helsabeck said:

    Do you have classes for older people (+65) who are new to yoga? Yoga was recommended for me at a recent wellness checkup as a good means of stretching tight muscles and improving overall fitness.

    • fsy said:

      We plan to offer some senior classes in the fall, but we have plenty of people over 65 in our regular classes. We use props so everyone is working at their own level.

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