New to Yoga?

Here is what to expect at your first class with us. We invite you to learn more about First Street Yoga and our teachers, and join us for a free introductory class offered throughout each session.

yoga beginners at first street yoga

our students

Students at First Street Yoga come from all parts of the population - young and old, men and women, out of shape people just beginning a healthier lifestyle and athletes looking to hone their skills and balance their bodies. Ours is not a one-style-fits-all practice. We modify the asanas (poses) so that each student works at a pace appropriate to their level of fitness.

yoga equipment

First Street Yoga has all the equipment you will need for your practice. You are welcome to bring your personal yoga mat if you’d like, but we have mats available for your use.

what to wear

There are a lot of cute yoga clothes on the market these days, but a tee shirt and soft, elastic waist shorts or leggings work just as well. Wear stretchy clothes that allow easy movement and avoid zippers and buttons that may be uncomfortable when lying or twisting. Clothes that are very baggy are not recommended as it makes it more difficult for the teacher to see your joints (especially the knees) and extra fabric can get in the way.

have an empty stomach

Come with an empty stomach (don’t eat for at least 1½ hours before class). You may be asked to twist and go upside down in class and these are not good positions for digestion. Because of this, it’s usually not a good idea to drink water during class either.

arrive early

We begin classes promptly. Please arrive several minutes early so you have time to set up. If you happen to be a few minutes late, don’t worry. Simply be considerate and wait quietly by the front desk for a moment between poses when you can join the class without disrupting the other students.

learn more

We do not allow people to observe the yoga classes as we believe it violates the privacy of our students. Please join us for a free introductory class to learn more about what we do or contact us with any additional questions that you may have.

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